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How to Transition to ClassTag From Other Communication Tools


Most teachers try to evaluate their technology needs before the first school bell. As any tech integrationist will tell you, having a well thought-out plan will help you augment learning with technology in a meaningful way.  When the classes begin, apps and tools should provide support, save time and enrich the classroom experience… but what if things don’t go according to the plan?

What if the tool you’ve chosen doesn’t fulfill expectations, or even worse, a provider suddenly discontinues the service? Switching tech tools in the middle of the school year can feel overwhelming or even impossible. That’s why we made transitioning to ClassTag quick and painless.

Teachers who decided to embark on the dreaded mid-year switch agree – it wasn’t as hard as they feared and parents have been very understanding, too. Some turn to ClassTag after realizing that other tools didn’t tick all the boxes for them. Recently, we’ve also had a mass migration of those who were let down by a sudden shutdown of ClassMessenger.

Here’s what some of our new users think of the switch:

“I used Class Dojo and Remind.  I changed to ClassTag because I love that it sends automatic reminders.  I also love the weekly newsletters.  The biggest benefit is that parents will still receive emails, even if they haven’t registered.

“ Remind worked  for quick announcements, but I wanted something more.”

“I found the scheduling of conferences to be SUPER easy and quick (compared to SignUpGenius – which I always messed up).”

“THANK YOU! I was using Class Messenger and the parents loved it. Now they’re shutting down December 23rd. I’m excited to see ClassTag exceed their expectations. Imported contacts quickly and now getting everyone settled”

Here’s how to make the switch:

  1. If you’ve used another communication tool, you should already have a list of parents’ emails. Get in touch with your previous provider or review the help section of the app to find out how to download it.
  2.  Join ClassTag and create your classroom. Don’t worry, once you’ve logged in we’ll take you through the process, step by step. Your classroom can be up and running in a couple of minutes.
  3. To get parents invited to ClassTag, you can simply cut and paste student names and parent emails. You can also enter data manually or print flyers with individual codes to join. We have multiple ways of letting parents know about the new tool to make sure you reach everyone!

That’s it, you can now take advantage of everything ClassTag has to offer: automated newsletters, scheduling events and conferences, requesting volunteers, communications and much more – all in one place.

A full year is a long time to be stuck with a communication solution which doesn’t bring you joy. We believe that it’s ok to change your mind – even in the middle of the school year. Try ClassTag today.


ClassTag Team