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Parent teacher conferences still a cause of stress? Get logistics solved.

Stressing about parent teacher conferences? Between the planning, the coordinating, and sometimes challenging conversations – it is more than understandable. Parent-teacher conferences are an important opportunity to collaborate with parents about how the child is doing and develop a plan for how you as teachers and parents will work collectively to see the child grow and succeed.

But let’s be honest, these meetings also include dealing with some difficult conversations and personalities. And before you even get the parents into your classroom, you have to tackle the challenge of actually setting the meetings up and making sure families are alerted and reminded just in time.

This is where ClassTag comes in! With our new parent-teacher conference functionality, all you need to do is post the time slots that you have available for your classroom and ClassTag will do the rest. We will send reminders to the parents who have signed up as their time slot approaches. Or when families haven’t yet to sign up, they will be pinged by ClassTag and reminded to pick a time slot. ClassTag handles all the coordination and reminders so you have less to stress about. 



ClassTag Team