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ClassTag or Remind: which is right for you?

Comparing parent communication options is overwhelming. As a result, we’re often asked: how is ClassTag different from Remind?

Well, both apps help teachers communicate with parents but that is where the similarities end!

We made this guide to help you get what’s right for your classroom. Read on for the 6 ways ClassTag is different from Remind, or skip to what’s relevant to you by clicking the links below.

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How is ClassTag different from Remind?

1. It’s a quick, easy way to reach all parents (without limits!)

Both ClassTag and Remind have a suite of tools for reaching parents, however ClassTag does have some bonus features which make it a quick, effective way to reach all parents:

  • No character limits
  • Parents receive messages before signing up to the app
  • Contact validation – alerts for bad contact details
  • Printouts of key communications to send home to offline parents
  • Weekly newsletter feature to keep parents up to date

Here’s a full overview:

Keeping Parents In-The-Loop

Direct and group messages
Photo and video sharing, stories
Automatic translation into other languages
Reach parents via SMS text and email
Read receipts – see who’s read your messages
Send messages without character limits
Parents receive messages before signing up to the app
Contact validation – alerts for bad contact details
Printouts of key communications to send home to offline parents
Weekly newsletter feature to keep parents up to date
Stats on engagement and tracked conversations


2. It’s an all-in-one toolkit vs. a single-purpose app

Our users love the fact that they can use ClassTag for all communications, scheduling, calendar events, volunteers and conferences, rather than combining multiple tools.

“ClassTag is a communication tool that makes life easier for the teacher. It is a Signup Genius, Remind, calendar, and class website all in one!”
Beth Lafferty, 4th Grade Teacher at Lipscombe Academy


If you’re using Remind, you’ll almost certainly need a few other apps in your toolkit. If you find it a relief to have everything in one place, you might prefer to have all your parent community tools in the ClassTag app.


3. It’s got unique features for parent support, engagement and participation

ClassTag has a suite of tools that make it simple to organize events and activities that parents actually show up for. Teachers using Remind would typically need more tools to manage this, which can make things more complicated!


Events, activities and participation

Parent-teacher conference organization tool
Class calendar with with option to sync to personal
Signups for requesting parent volunteers
Item request features to get donations from parents
Events with RSVPs from parents

ClassTag’s activities and parent engagement options (as seen from within the app)


4. It helps reach and engage families no matter what their circumstances

While both ClassTag and Remind have automatic translation, only ClassTag has features for reaching all parents.

ClassTag can automatically convert a teacher’s message into either email or SMS text, dependent upon the parent contact details available.

Also, ClassTag gives teachers smart, actionable alerts and recommendations. If a family isn’t being reached via email or mobile app, the chatbot-inspired assistant will recommend printing a personalized paper copy of announcements, reminders and schedules to be sent home in children’s backpacks to those harder-to-reach parents.



“Before I started using ClassTag, I tried Remind, ClassDojo and Bloomz…None of them were as well-received by parents as ClassTag.”
Casey Korder, 5th Grade Teacher at Claude and Stella Parson Elementary School


5. It’s totally free for teachers, parents and schools

Parent communication is essential and the last thing our educators and schools need is another cost. Thankfully ClassTag is completely free, for everyone. No upsells, no gated features, no subscriptions, no school or district level plans.

We’ve made this table to help you understand what extra features you can get for free with ClassTag, that maybe you’re restricted from or paying for with Remind.

Free/open access with ClassTag vs behind a paywall with Remind

Unlimited message length
Record of communications/communications logs
Community engagement status and statistics

6. A Truly Unique Solution To Teachers’ Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

As you surely know, many teachers are spending $100’s, maybe $1000’s of out-of-pocket, just on classroom supplies. But with ClassTag, you can finally get your students what they need and keep your salary.

Family-friendly brands want to support teachers like you. With the ClassTag Rewards program, they can do so through ClassTag as classroom supporters.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You use ClassTag for parent communication
  2. You accumulate “ClassTag Coins” as you engage parents through ClassTag
  3. You then redeem your ClassTag Coins for free supplies and resources for your class

Teachers can then redeem their ClassTag Coins for teacher offers exclusively available on ClassTag Rewards:

This is a totally unique benefit of using ClassTag, to take advantage of this year’s coming sponsors and exclusive offers for 18/19, sign up free today >>



ClassTag Team