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Reflections on an Amazing Year for Family Engagement


As the school year comes to a close, you might reflect on the journey you and your little folk have just been on (as well as look forward to the new adventure ahead!).

As you reflect, are you celebrating success with your family engagement or still looking for answers?

For ClassTag teachers, it’s undoubtedly the former ?

Some of our most inspiring teachers share their stories and the amazing results that they saw this year in their family engagement.

Danielle Fugazzi – First Grade Teacher 

Meet Danielle, one teacher from New York that understands the power of having parents as partners.

Until last year, engaging families was a major challenge.

“I had parents who complained about not being informed and wanting more information, even though it was sent out.”

She had tried several other communication tools. However, the only solution that will truly engage parents is one that they love to use.

Every family signed up within days and Danielle was able to switch all communications, coordination, and community to ClassTag.

Read more about Danielle’s results here.

Susan Oehlertz – Technology Integrationist – Iowa

Susan Oehlertz brings innovative thinking to the schools in her area. After seeing teachers losing time and energy maintaining multiple communication methods, she saw an opportunity to empower teachers to reach more parents, in less time.

“I recommend ClassTag to all teachers for all their communications because we had so much success using it with parent-teacher conferences.”

Teachers at Title 1 schools in Susan’s area enjoyed much-increased parent participation, volunteerism and conference attendance.

Read more about Susan’s results here.

It’s been an amazing year, and we’re inspired by the success of our teachers to make 17/18 even better!

Are you going to join us? Why not login to your classroom and get set up for 17/18? It could just be your best year yet ?



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