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Join the 100% Pledge Movement and Reach Every Parent in 17/18!

What if this year could be different?

No more missed parent-teacher conferences.

No more spending hours on tactics that don’t work or worrying about a student falling behind and not being able to contact the parents.

Sounds like a fantasy? It doesn’t have to be.

This year, our goal is a 100% connected classroom community. No child or family should be left behind. To help you on the quest for reaching every parent, we invited our favourite thought leaders to join #Pledge100 and share their parent engagement tips.

Join the movement and tweet your own tips at @classtagme using #Pledge100. Let’s make 17/18 The Year we reach every family to unleash every child’s unique potential.


Richard Byrne

Send positive notes to parents as often as possible to build trust. #Pledge100 via @richardbyrne Click To Tweet


Monica Burns

Create opportunities for parents to share their passions. #Pledge100 via @classtechtips Click To Tweet


Kerry Gallagher

Email 3-4 parents about child's progress every day. #Pledge100 via @KerryHawk02 Click To Tweet


Terry Heick

Use project-based learning to reach parents. #Pledge100 via @terryheick Click To Tweet


Jerry Blumengarten

Introduce yourself & the learning plan with a personal letter. #Pledge100 via @cybraryman1‏ Click To Tweet


Nicole Chavanne

Initiate positive interactions often to create a lasting impact. #Pledge100 Click To Tweet


Shelly Sanchez Terell

Share positive messages with every parent. #Pledge100 via @ShellTerrell Click To Tweet


Kristen Wabuge

Make #parents feel like a part of a team. #Pledge100 via @kinderiscrazy Click To Tweet


Angela Baranski

Collect (multiple) contact methods for every parent. #Pledge100 via @preachyteacher‏ Click To Tweet


Casey Korder


Jeffrey Bradbury

Share classroom projects & photos with parents weekly. #Pledge100 Click To Tweet


 Rebecca Fletcher


James Gibbons

Set up a blog to give parents a window into the class and unleash students' creativity. #Pledge100 via @ThatEdTechGuy Click To Tweet


Kevin DeForge

Create quick video clips of special events and send them to parents. #Pledge100 via @KevinDeForge Click To Tweet


Paige Bessick


Hilary Gard


Craig Kemp


Ross Cooper


Jennie Magiera


Scott McLeod

Use an SMS service to send tips to parents about fun learning activities they can do together. @mcleod #Pledge100 Click To Tweet

Amanda Orozco

Connect with parents in a multicultural classroom by learning simple phrases in their language @AmandadeOrozco #Pledge100 Click To Tweet


Brad Waid

Call one parent weekly with a positive message about their child. @techbradwaid #Pledge100 Click To Tweet


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Do you want to reach 100% of parents this year? Join the #Pledge100 movement Click To Tweet



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