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Forget The Gym, This Is The New Year’s Resolution Teachers Need

Eat healthier. Save more money. Read a new book. Exercise. Improve parent engagement.

That’s right. The New Year’s Resolution that will make every teacher’s life easier. With ClassTag, you might just be able to do it all (and did we mention it’s completely free?). Once you try it, you may just wonder why you hadn’t tried it sooner.

Having a parent communication platform that is simple and joyful is important to any teacher’s routine (and sanity!). Better yet, you don’t have to wait until the next school year to try something new. We’ll tell you why…

The Transition is Easy

Have you tried other parent communication apps? Perhaps they aren’t ticking off all the boxes for you? Well, we’ve made transitioning to ClassTag quick and painless. Teachers who decided to begin the new year with a new parent communication app have not been disappointed – it wasn’t as hard as they feared and parents have been very understanding.

I really like how ClassTag allowed me to import all parent information and they were automatically logged on. Once they were connected I could see right on my page if parents had seen what I had sent.

Adelle S., ELL Teacher in Baltimore

Don’t be afraid of a mid-year switch! Creating your classroom on ClassTag only takes a couple of minutes, especially if you already have a list of parent emails ready to import. We also have multiple ways of letting parents know about the new tool, and you can even send invitations in different languages!

Saving Time is Easy

Imagine if you started the new year with a virtual classroom assistant? A tool that would make all of your teaching dreams come true? What would you do with all that free time?

This school year is my ninth year of teaching and my first not distributing a paper newsletter to my parents. I was able to simplify my classroom communication with ClassTag and make it less time-consuming with automated newsletters and quick pictures and communications.

Jennifer I., 3rd Grade Teacher in Pennsylvania

Save time on non-teaching stuff by using one of our many automated features and get back to what you do best – teaching!

new year's resolution

Earning Free Supplies is Easy

The new year often comes with new classroom supply needs. What if you could take care of those needs while doing something that you are already doing?

I love ClassTag Rewards, because I can earn free classroom supplies and gift cards for my classroom for doing something I do anyway—communicating with parents.

Mrs. Lockler, 2nd Grade Teacher in Texas
new year's resolution
ClassTag Rewards Offers

We believe that it’s time teachers got the support they deserve, which is why we now have $3,000,000+ in free classroom supplies, software and tech available for teachers as part of the ClassTag Rewards program. Sound’s like a New Year’s Resolution teachers could certainly get on board with!

Referring Other Teachers is Easy

They say the most valuable resource teachers have is each other. We agree! You can’t help support the next generation if you keep all of your great ideas to yourself. That’s why we’ve made it super simple (and rewarding!) to refer other teachers to your new favorite classroom app:

  1. Teachers click the teacher referral icon.
  2. From the referral page all you need to do is enter another teacher’s email, phone number or even share it via social media. Make sure they use your UNIQUE referral code. This ensures you get credit for their referral (cha-ching… ClassTag coins!).
  3. Check back to the referral page to see if your fellow teacher has signed up for ClassTag.  As soon as your referred teacher gets signed up and starts a classroom you’ll both get 150 coins!
new year's resolution

We appreciate your help sharing your love of ClassTag with other teachers!

I referred my friend, a kindergarten teacher, to ClassTag and she absolutely loves this platform. She says it’s much easier to communicate with the parents and they get back to her much faster than they ever have before.

Adelle S., ELL Teacher in Baltimore

Talking to Us is Easy

We know it makes a world of difference when customer service has a human touch to it. Our friendly Customer Support Team is readily available from the app and always gets in touch promptly. We even have our own private Facebook Group, the ClassTag Educators’ Lounge, where ClassTag users can interact with each other and with ClassTag team members.

Ok, I’m sticking with you! It was your impeccable customer support and service!

Kelly H., Kindergarten Teacher, Pennsylvania

ClassTag is the only app that transforms how you connect with parents, saves time on communication and brings in free supplies for your class. Transform your new year and try ClassTag today!

Have another New Year’s Resolution you’d like to share with us? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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