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New Ways to Share Updates and Special Moments with Parents


Busy parents always appreciate getting a glimpse of classroom events and seeing their child enjoying their time at school. Letting parents know what a student has been up to will also help you build a partnership with their parents, who will be able to start a conversation about in-class activity and thus, enhance learning at home.

That’s exactly why we’re rolling out two new exciting features: Child Stories and Inline Video.

Child Stories

You’re already familiar with Announcements, which allow you to post instant updates visible to all parents. Now, you can choose between a Classroom Announcement (visible to everyone) or a Child Story Post (visible to parents of one student). A Child Story Post is an update about events or issues relating to one child only, visible to that child’s parents in their feed. Simultaneously, a notification is sent, starting a conversation with child’s family.


To send a Child Story to student’s family, click on the student’s photo in the Directory and select “Post Story”.

You can use a Child Story Post to highlight child’s achievement in class, give feedback about an assignment or share photos and videos with the student’s family.

Inline Video

With video attachments being one of the most popular ClassTag features, it was time to make the clips easier to view. You can add a video to your Announcement as normal, but rather than being available below the message as an attachment, it can now be played directly from parents’ feed (just like you’d see on popular social networks).

Scheduling Announcements

Keep your communications organized by planning ahead and scheduling important announcements ahead of time. With this new addition to Announcements functionality, you can bulk-schedule important messages for weeks ahead and be sure that parents will get them exactly at the right time. Now, you can get it all done at once, without worrying about overwhelming parents with multiple announcements being sent at the same time.

What’s next?

We’re always curious to hear what functionality would make your lives easier. Based on your feedback, we’ll be shortly releasing a Calendar View of upcoming activities. Soon, you’ll also be able to schedule your Announcements –  a true game-changer if you know what’s coming up ahead of time and want to bulk schedule your announcements.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new Calendar tab:

Which of these features are you most looking forward to using? What’s your dream ClassTag feature that we should work on next? Let us know in the comment section below 🙂 .


ClassTag Team