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These New ClassTag Features Will Help You Reach Every Family


Last year was an inspiring year. We saw so many teachers reach unprecedented numbers of parents and engage them as partners in their child’s success.

But there’s still more to be done if we’re going to reach 100% of parents!

There are still a number of challenges which teachers face in family engagement, such as:

  • Reaching offline parents
  • Gathering and maintain up-to-date contact information – for everyone
  • Getting full visibility into who’s receiving and engaging, in a meaningful way
  • Bridging the language gap in multicultural communities

That’s why in 17/18, you’ll be able to enjoy a host of new features designed to make the seemingly impossible truly achievable. Here’s what you’ll be able to do with ClassTag this year:

Automatically identify and reach out to offline parents

ClassTag will monitor receipt and readership of your communications, to help you identify parents that might be offline. You’ll even get contextual, personalized suggestions for when it might be time to send home a paper flyer, phone call or SMS.

Get notified when parent contact information could be out of date

Your outreach is only as good as your directory, but keeping it up-to-date can be challenging alongside a million other things! ClassTag will notify you when emails are bouncing back or when your messages aren’t being read – so you know when to consider an update or reaching out through other means.

Get actionable stats

With ClassTag, you’ll get one simple view of your receivership, readership, and participation. That way, you’ll easily know who to reach out to and what action to take.


We’re super excited about this one. Hello automatic translation, bye bye language barriers.


It’s time to communicate with parents on their terms – now parents can choose if they’d rather receive an email, SMS or have a note sent home.

With all this in store, we hope you’ll join us on ClassTag. Why not login to your classroom and get set up for 17/18? It could just be your best year yet ?


ClassTag Team