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Make Screen Time Valuable Again with These 3 Learning Apps


No, you’re not the only parent who frets about their kids’ screen time. If you’re concerned about your child’s technology usage, time for some good news.

Experts believe kids can use tech to their advantage: it’s all about the quality of screen time. So how to make screen time beneficial and valuable? These education-through-play, kid-safe apps are your best bet.

1. Kids Academy

Kids Academy is widely considered one of the most innovative and engaging programs for young learners.

Supported by academics from Stanford, Harvard, Columbia and Yale, Kids Academy is on a mission is to help identify and nurture the talents of your child at the earliest stage, boost their academic abilities and give them a head start in the world.

The app’s unique learn-through-play program combines the most advanced in adaptive technology, artificial intelligence, personalized learning, and gamification, to help kids put their best foot forward and get the education they deserve.

“The child can be actively involved when using Kids Academy Talented & Gifted Program, and concentrate without being distracted by pop-up windows. It guides their exploration, but allows them to make their discoveries on their own, without imposing a way of thinking.” – Stanford

2. CodeSpark

Coding is one of the most important skills for the job market on the future, and codeSpark manages to turn programming into play! codeSpark’s mission is to make computer science education accessible to kids everywhere.

CodeSpark uses fun characters to ignite kids’ interest in STEM and show how science and technology can be creative and fun.

“NOTHING has grabbed their attention and held it like The Foos. As the boys worked together on solving the problems, there were many squeals of delight and excitement.”
— Amy E., Parent

Besides, CodeSpark helps your child succeed at school through sequencing skills that make the building blocks to early literacy and mathematics.

CodeSpark Academy is a genuine company with a purpose, making its app free for use in public schools, libraries and non-profits.


If you’re struggling to find engaging apps for valuable screen time, Rooplay might be the last app you’ll ever need! This all-star app is certified with a Kids Safe Seal, featuring hundreds of safe and ad-free games with well-known characters your kids love.

From puzzles and brainteasers to STEM and skill games, new games are added weekly, allowing your child to explore different areas and interests and practice a variety of different concepts.

Rooplay is designed for children between the ages of 2 to 10 years old.

Kids Academy, CodeSpark and Rooplay support ClassTag classrooms this season, helping thousands of children receive essential classroom supplies and have the best learning opportunities possible.


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