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Fund Class Supplies and Activities with Class Coins

How ClassTag can help you get money for your classroom needs

If you’re a teacher struggling to get your students what they need, you must have heard of the amazing donation by a payment platform Ripple, who funded over 35,000 teacher donation requests on The philanthropic act helped over 1,000000 students with a donation totaling $29 million in donations.

But even the biggest one-off donation won’t solve the problem completely – we are dealing with an ongoing and persistent deficit that sadly isn’t going away anytime soon. That’s why our latest ClassTag update gives teachers a new tool to get extra cash for their classes and reduce out of pocket expenses. 

Introducing Class Coins

Last fall, we launched ClassTag Benefits, a class sponsorship program that connects teachers to brands who want to help out. This week, we’re be introducing an important aspect of the program – Class Coins.

Class Coins help parents and teachers act on earning opportunities and make the most of sponsorship offers. Now, sponsors’ content is marked with a coin symbol, letting class members know that interacting with sponsors’ offers will directly support your class. 

Classroom Bank helps you keep track of class earnings 

The earned funds will land in your Classroom Bank, accessible from the Rewards tab.  There, you can see your earnings, convert them into cash and check the next payout date. You can also see how your class is doing compared to other ClassTag classrooms.

If you joined ClassTag Benefits before April, note that the balance displaying in the Bank currently captures your funds earned after April 1. Your earlier earnings will be added to the Bank in the next weeks.

In the first term of the Program, we’ve already paid out thousands of dollars to our teachers, but the opportunity is so much greater. Every participating teacher can make as much as $500 – without any extra effort! All you need to do is to consistently communicate with parents using ClassTag.

If you’re one of the few lucky ones who doesn’t need extra money for their class, you can easily opt-out in your Class Settings. Consider sharing this opportunity with other teachers who might not be as fortunate!


ClassTag Team

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