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Exciting New Features on ClassTag

There are some exciting new features on ClassTag that we can’t wait to share with you! Read below to hear about how you can better organize your classroom by having ClassTag work for you. We hope these awesome updates help in managing your classroom and relieve stress! Let us know your favorite feature on Twitter 🙂

  • New “seen / not seen” functionality:
    • Wondering which families have actually seen and read your important announcements?
    • Well goodbye mystery! Say hello to the new “seen / not seen” function 🙂
    • Underneath your events on ClassTag, you will have a “seen / not seen” notification of exactly which families have read your new announcement and which families are not in the loop
    • With this information, you know exactly who needs to be reminded (whether in person or online) and who is already up to speed
  • Upload files for events & requests
    • With this new update, you or an activity organizer can now upload any file as you organize an activity. Need to add files later? No worries, set it and return later to add by just clicking edit!
    • Attach any relevant flyers, detailed instructions, pictures & much more!


  • Parent-Teacher conferences and meeting requests
    • Now you can easily organize parent-teacher conferences on ClassTag. Check out the steps here!
    • Offering office hours to parents? Set them up on ClassTag!
    • As always, all users will be alerted and reminded via ClassTag 🙂
  • Teacher-only zone
    • That’s right! There will now be a teacher-only zone, which has built out based on awesome feedback from our amazing teachers.
    • Currently, we have a weekly e-mail preview so you can see what is going to be sent out to your class members. Watch it change to reflect additional activities you are scheduling live. We’re just getting started – much more to come!
  • Brand new design for upcoming week-at-a-glance email
    • Awesome NEW design for your upcoming week-at-a-glance email! This is not your typical to-do list.
    • Each user gets their own unique dashboard, so they see all of their personal important activities, reminders, and new info all in one place!

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 3.40.33 PM

Which one are you most excited about? Leave a comment below? We love feedback! Keep it coming!!


ClassTag Team