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ClassTag Recommends: The Summer Learning Solution That’s Great for Kids and Easy for Parents

With the summer around the corner, the last thing that’s on your child’s mind is learning.

Summer learning loss is a fact: students typically lose between one and two months’ worth of academic knowledge each summer.

But there’s no reason for child’s development to suffer just because the school’s out! Thousands of parents already found a way to keep kids engaged for hours while they improve essential skills through play, all thanks to this one app:

What makes this learning app stand out among many others?

Kids Academy is built on 5 Principles of Learning Success.

Discover what they are and use them with your child this summer:

Principle #1: Personalization

Every child is different.

That’s why the Kids Academy innovative educational engine continually analyzes the personal pace and progress of your child automatically adapting the learning experience to suit their specific needs and finding the ideal balance of challenge and support.

Principle #2: Variety

What if you had over 5000 of valuable, engaging learning activities for the summer at your fingertips?

Designed by education experts, Kids Academy contains thousands of videos, games, and printable worksheets to keep your child engaged with different types of multimedia and offline content.

Principle #3: Encouragement

All of the assessment is subtle and stress-free. It will not discourage your child from the program while offering gentle nudges to inspire excellence.

The program has been developed to level the playing field and help your child’s abilities shine early, maximizing their chances to earn a variety of academic awards and scholarships or enroll in special programs for gifted and talented children.

Principle #4: Curiosity

With the focus on English Language Arts and Math – the two most important subjects, numerous ready-to-go learning courses help your child discover different skills and topics that match their natural interests.

From critical thinking to problem-solving, summer learning becomes a unique journey full of fantastic games, videos and unique interactive worksheets to get an unlimited practice in Science, Social Studies, and Art.

Principle #5: Regular progress reports

Parents play a huge role in child’s development, but they don’t have all the answers. Why not get support from education experts? Kids Academy makes it super-easy to see how your child is doing, giving you regular reports on their progress.

We secured a partnership with Kids Academy to offer you the entire year of fun & learning for less than half the price.

You can also try out the app with your child for free for 7 days, without obligations – give it a try today!



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