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The Most Influential Teacher Bloggers to Look Out For in 2019

“I saw it on a blog.” “That idea came from a blog.” “I learned how to do that from reading this great blog!” They entertain us, they teach us, they inspire us. We now live in an age where information is so readily...

The Most Inspiring Teachers on Instagram to Look Out For in 2019

They say you must walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you judge them. As teachers, we are faced with a lot of judgement. When we look for inspiration, we often find that we gravitate towards other teachers – those...

ClassTag Stories: How Melanie Made Connecting with 130 Student Parents Possible

Imagine this scenario – you’re a brand new teacher and you are given responsibility over 130 students. Each of those 130 students has AT LEAST one parent or guardian (and some have two or three!) that want to stay in the loop about their...

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