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#TeamUpForTeachers by Becoming a ClassTag Ambassador

Do you want to join a team of innovative, engaged educators who believe in more support for amazing teachers? Become a ClassTag Ambassador and spread the word to help your fellow teachers reach parents easily, save time and get free supplies for their classroom.

ClassTag is totally FREE for everyone and has everything you need for parent communication in one easy-to-use tool.

become a classtag ambassador

Join us to #TeamUpForTeachers and unleash the potential in every child by becoming a ClassTag Community Ambassador.

As a ClassTag Community Ambassador, you’ll gain access to our monthly teacher support package. In exchange for a minimum of one social media post a month, you’ll get all the perks!

So, what ARE the perks of becoming a ClassTag Ambassador? (besides helping fellow teachers of course!)

  • You’ll get 500 ClassTag coins added to your account on a monthly basis to support your classroom needs (ClassTag coins are exchangeable for classroom supplies!)
  • You’ll receive a special #TeamUpForTeachers T-shirt!
  • You’ll be sent ClassTag educational stickers, bookmarks, and magazines for your classroom
  • You’ll get 150 bonus coins per teacher referral
  • The top three ambassadors per month will get 1000 bonus coins for referral signups!

You’ll be able to spend your ClassTag Coins on anything from the Rewards tab in ClassTag; from Amazon gift cards and classroom essentials through to premium Edtech tools.

Here are just a few of the rewards you can exchange your ClassTag coins for: 

free supplies for teachersNow, there are a few requirements to becoming a ClassTag Ambassador:

  • ClassTag Ambassadors need to have 2000+ followers across all their social media accounts combined
  • ClassTag Ambassadors must be a qualified teacher who would actively benefit from ClassTag
  • ClassTag Ambassadors must be based in the U.S with an active audience primarily focused in the U.S. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on our mission and become a ClassTag Ambassador today!


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