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How Danielle Fugazzi, a First-grade Teacher in New York Found a Simple Way to Transform Angry Parents Into Loyal Supporters

Has this ever happened to you?

A school event is coming up. A class party. A parent-teacher conference – whatever it may be is happening soon…

You send out the information to all parents. You might even send follow-ups and reminders.

Then the event happens.

And despite all the work you did to prepare… Parents complain:

“I didn’t get your message”

“I thought it was NEXT Friday – not this week!”

“What field trip? WHY didn’t you tell me about this??”

You sent the message to let them know… You called. Email. Texted. Sent flyers home!

Yet, this still happens, again and again.

Sound familiar?

If so, Danielle Fugazzi, a first-grade teacher in New York knows exactly how you feel.

Danielle believes parents are the first and foremost educators of their kids. But despite her best efforts, reaching families has been a major challenge.

I had parents who complained about not being informed and wanting more information, even though it was sent out. – Danielle

Danielle tried different communication channels – phone, email, text, flyers – heck, she’d even try carrier pigeons if that were an option!

But some parents were STILL not responsive.

Then Danielle tried communication apps. But they either created more work for her or were too complex to use and ended up being ignored by parents.

Frustrated and discouraged Danielle when back to phone, email, and flyers to reach parents.

Although she was doing her best to communicate, tensions began to build up.

Parents missed class parties and students would turn up unprepared, even after receiving multiple reminders from Danielle.

Then one day after a particularly frustrating conversation with a parent, Danielle discovered something that changed her life as a teacher forever:

A free tool called ClassTag.

ClassTag is free communication app that helps teachers connect with parents in a revolutionary new way.

Whenever Danielle sends out a message to parents, ClassTag can:

  • Translate her message into 50+ languages,
  • Send the message via email, text, paper or in-app.
  • Send the message to any device – smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet – even flip phones
  • Send automatic reminders and follow-ups to parents (so Danielle doesn’t have to)
  • ClassTag almost completely removes the frustration, time, and effort it takes to communicate with parents.

(Fun fact: The average teacher spends 5+ hours per week on communication. ClassTag cuts that time IN HALF for most teachers)

All of Danielle’s families signed up for ClassTag within 2 days and she was able to switch to ClassTag for all essential communications.

Now Danielle keeps parents informed about what is going on in the classroom using ClassTag’s Announcements and Events feature.

And with ClassTag, Danielle has an easy way to get parent volunteers. Her parents are more willing than ever to donate their time and talents.

Danielle built a close-knit classroom community with ClassTag and is able to keep all her communications organized in one place with a system that delivers nearly 100% parent engagement.

Now, with ClassTag Danielle…

  • Reaches 98% of parents weekly.
  • Gets 100% of volunteer slots filled.
  • Has effortlessly organized over 100+ activities.
  • Has cut down her communication time by over 50%.
  • Never has to share her personal phone number with parents.
  • And now earns FREE classroom supplies by using the ClassTag app!

( Every time teachers use ClassTag to communicate with parents they earn “ClassTag Coins” that can be redeemed for free classroom supplies and resources. There’s over $3,000,000 in free supplies available and more added every month. )

It’s truly transformational. A “must have” tool for every teacher. I have never seen this level of parent support before! – Danielle

Plus, parents love ClassTag too: Tiffany, a parent in Danielle’s class said:

Now I feel like a better parent. I always know what is going on and it is so easy to get involved. – Tiffany

If you’d like to try ClassTag to effortlessly connect with parents, save time on communication, and earn FREE supplies for your class, here’s some good news:

ClassTag is 100% FREE, for everyone, forever!

All you need to do is click the button below to sign up:

Daniel recommends ClassTag to all teachers who are struggling with parent communication or just want parents more involved in the classroom.

You can use this link to sign up 100% free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is ClassTag really free?

      A: Yes, it’s true. ClassTag is 100% free for everyone and there’s no catch.

Q: I’m not technical. Can I still use ClassTag?

  A: Yes! ClassTag is extremely easy-to-use. We’ve implemented feedback from thousands of teachers to make ClassTag the simplest parent-teacher communication tool available.

Q: How much time can I expect to save using ClassTag?

      A: According to our surveys the average teacher spends about 5 hours per week on parent communication.

Classtag typically cuts that time in half for teachers who use the app for all essential communications.

Q: Do I need to share my personal phone number to use ClassTag?

     A: No, ClassTag keeps all your contact information private.

Q: How do I add my parents contact information to ClassTag and how long does it take?

     A: If you have a spreadsheet with all your parent’s contact information you can upload it to ClassTag directly. This takes less than 30 seconds.

If not, you can enter your parents contact information manually and depending on your class size it may take between 3 and 5 minutes.

Q: How do I notify parents I’m using ClassTag?

    A: Once you enter your parent’s contact information into ClassTag you can send an announcement with instructions on how to sign up.

We’ve found most parents sign up within 2 days. But if parents don’t sign up they will STILL receive your messages as long as you have up-to-date contact information.

Q: How can I switch to ClassTag from another communication apps?

    A: Read this blog post. We’ve made it super easy to switch from other apps, this blog post will give you all the information you need to switch effortlessly.

Q: I have parents who don’t speak English, can ClassTag still help me?

   A: Yes! ClassTag can translate all your communications into over 50 languages so all parents can be connected.

Q: I have parents who do *not* have a smartphone or computer, can I still use ClassTag to communicate with them?

   A: Absolutely, ClassTag can send your communications via email or text message so parents without smart devices or computers will receive your messages.

Q: How do I earn free classroom supplies with ClassTag?

    A. Every time you use ClassTag for Parent-Teacher communication you earn free “ClassTag Coins” you can redeem for free supplies resources for your class. There’s over three million dollars and free supplies available and more added every month.

Q: Where can I sign up for ClassTag?

    A: You can go to or click the button below:


ClassTag Team