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A Simple Guide to being a Rocking Room Parent

You’ve decided to take on the responsibility of being a room parent this year. Way to go! This is your chance to really make the school year spectacular for parents, children, and teachers alike. First things first, make yourself known to the class community as the room parent for this school year. It will show your enthusiasm and give other parents and volunteers a chance to get to know you and your child while making certain that you get to know all of them in return. Simply reach out via email or phone, or perhaps by ClassTag, an interactive platform for class communities.

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Once you’ve said your hello’s to the parents and caregivers, the next course of action is to meet with the teacher to discuss the expectations for the school year. Schedule a meeting and gain deeper insight into your tasks and responsibilities.

While meeting with the teacher, it is best to gather a comprehensive school calendar of the events, trips, and happening for the entire school year. It may even help to make several copies of this calendar, like one for the fridge and one for your car.

Once your responsibilities and events are understood, then you should begin creating a master contact list of the parents and nannies in the classroom. This list will serve as your main reference when reaching out and connecting with parents. (ClassTag has made it even simpler to connect with your class community by designing a built-in class directory)

Now comes the fun stuff! Start to plan the activities, like a potluck dinner or Teacher Appreciation Day. This will involve connecting with other parents and caregivers to determine their contribution interests and the overall desires of the class.

This is a great time to gather info on when parents and nannies are available to help volunteer to make these events a success. With a little bit of help and awesome time management skills, you’ll make an outstanding room parent! And remember: ALWAYS send out thank you notes for those that donate their time!

Recipe for being an awesome Room Parent:

  • Start with 2 cups of hard work
  • Stir in 3 tablespoons of creativity
  • Mix well with classroom community
  • Add a dash of inspiration and patience

And voila, you are ready to nail it!


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