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5 Best Blogs for Valentine’s Day Classroom Games

As an educator, you work hard all year long to create a community of learners and spend a large amount of time incorporating strategies and activities into your class. Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate your students and all of your hard work. Here are the top 5 best teacher ideas to ensure for a Valentine’s Day full of fun and plenty of love!

Scholastic- Be My Valentine: Activities That Build Friendship in the Classroom

Awesome activity to help your students understand what it means to be a good friend and classmate.

Teaching Tolerance- Developing Empathy: Early Grades

Help your children understand empathy and identify ways to be more understanding toward others.

Edutopia- Showing Your “School Family” Some Love

Show some love to all those wonderful people around the building.

Education World- Straight from the Heart

Plan on teaching their students about the heart and its functions.

Hallmark- Heart-y Valentine party ideas

Who does Valentine’s Day better than Hallmark? Here are some wonderful party ideas and craft ideas to guarantee a lovely Valentine’s Day for your class.

ClassTag hopes these 5 ideas alleviate some of the stress around planning a Valentine’s Day of fun for your class. If you know anyone who would benefit from these ideas, please share with them this post. The ClassTag team wishes you an easygoing and cheerful Valentine’s Day and organize it on ClassTag!


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