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3 Tips to Gain Parental Involvement This Spring

How will you get parents involved in your classroom this spring?

Getting parents involved in your classroom makes a big difference in your student’s lives! This spring is all about breathing fresh air into your classroom and re-establishing best practices for your class.

One of the best ways to reach your goal is by inviting new faces into your classroom to help encourage and improve your student’s success. Those new faces should be parents. The big question then is how do you get those uber busy parents to dedicate their time (even just an hour) to your classroom this spring? Three words: fun, invitation, and kudos.


Some special parents will dedicate their time and energy to your classroom because it is the right thing to do. Many, many more will participate if it’s fun. Make sure your group of volunteers has fun and is encouraged to have fun. Finding this balance between work and fun is a key element to securing parent involvement. In doing so, you will not only build a united group of parents willing to dedicate their time to your classroom, but you will also fight parent burnout and create lasting relationships with those student’s parents.


Reach out to all parents in your classroom, not just the ones who are always ready willing or the ones who are easy to reach. Having the same parents contribute to your classroom is stagnant and not worthwhile. Create an opportunity for new parents to get involved by communicating with parents, not just sending home a flyer. Also, consider making parent materials available in other languages, so all parents feel they are truly invited to join your classroom community. If you are making such efforts to welcome the parents into your classroom, then parents will feel that much more encouraged to participate.


Just like giving credit to a student when they’ve gone the extra mile, make certain to give kudos to parents when they deserve it. It could be as simple as a thank you note or a compliment. A moment that you take to acknowledge their contribution and efforts is never a moment wasted. Let parents know that you appreciate their help and their time. After a job well done, sing the praises of the parents who got involved. Make sure other classes in the school knew what your classroom did whether it was a smashing Pi Day party or raising money for Share our Strength in honor of March’s National Month of Nutrition. Decorate your school with your classroom’s accomplishments such as putting up posters.

Research has shown that children with involved parents get better grades and score higher on tests. Also, studies have indicated that those same children attend school regularly, have better social skills, and get their homework done. These students tend to be more positive about school. It’s no secret you’re positive about school, and you would love your student’s to share your same enthusiasm. Follow ClassTag's three words of advice, and make certain you gain parental involvement this spring! Click To Tweet

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